About Us

May we take this opportunity to congratulate you on your engagement and your forthcoming wedding.

Before we go any further we feel that is only fair to inform you that if you are after a cheap disco then we will not be the disco for you.. But if you are after a disco that will fully customise everything around Your dreams and expectations then we are..

We are highly experienced wedding DJs, We have been DJs for many years and do this for a living we are not like fly by night part-time DJs that just do this for a little extra cash.

We cover every aspect for weddings from the civil ceremony through the wedding breakfast to the evening reception.

We know that every couple has a dream idea of how the day & music should be. This is why when we meet, We will discuss every aspect of the day & music to ensure your day is perfect.

We know it's easy to look through many many disco websites and think just how different are they?? The best thing that we can suggest is always meet your DJ this way you know exactly what you're getting and you get a great rapport with them.

After many many years of doing weddings, We have the knowledge and know how to make your wedding day perfect.

Why not give us a call today and discuss your wedding in further detail.